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Audio Society Events

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society holds a number of special events each year, which currently include The Annual Live vs. Recorded (LvR) event and on alternating years The Speaker Contest (for DIY speaker builders) and The DIY Showcase. These events are open to the public.

The PNWAS Speaker Contest

Every even year, in the late summer, amateur speaker designers / builders from around the world gather with their latest speaker creations to compete in this event. Whether you're entering speakers built from a kit or a pair you designed and built yourself we have a very rigorous and objective judging system (all entries are completely blind), but in the end it's just for fun and a great time to learn and meet other builders.

The PNWAS DIY Showcase

Every odd year, in the late summer, audiophiles gather to show off their DIY gear. Whether you want to share a project you've built or see (and hear) the work of others, this event is great inspiration for your DIY interests.

The PNWAS Live vs. Recorded (LvR) Event

Occasionally, the Audio Society brings together a professional recording engineer and two very talented musical artists. These artists perform live for our members and guests as our recording engineer captures the moment, then we replay the recording on a high performance system assembled by the club and we hear how it compares to the live performance.