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Ever wondered what the audiophile world was all about or if "tube-heads" are similar to "dead-heads?" Come meet us and find out. We are based in the Greater Seattle area but our members come from all over the Pacific Northwest. We always welcome newcomers to our meetings. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Next Meeting

Saturday March 7, 2020

Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies has planned a very special day for us! Highlights include:

Meeting Location

The meeting will not be in our regular club meeting location.
Instead, we will meet at Genesis Advanced Technologies in Seattle.



Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.
654 South Lucile Street
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 762-8383

Hosted By

Gary Leonard Koh
Designer and CEO
Genesis Advanced Technologies
(206) 762-8383
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Meeting Time

Plan to arrive 12:30pm-1pm. Meeting starts at 1pm.


  1. At 1:30pm, we will have the election of club officer roles (President, Vice President, Treasurer).
  2. Introduction to the Genesis Record Player. This is a direct drive player designed together with VPI that was launched last year in Thailand and China. During the GuangZhou Audio Show, it won the Special Product award.
  3. Introduction to the Genesis Quartet with SuperSub. This debuted at the Capital AudioFest last November. It is a special version of the Genesis Quartet that instead of a woofer tower, it features the SuperSub that has two x 15-inch, two x 12-inch and two x 8-inch woofers, powered with a 3 x 1,000W servo-controlled bass amplifier.
  4. Introduction to Merrill Audio. These are some of the fastest amplifiers on the planet. And yet, they are hugely musical and organic loaded with detail and clarity.
  5. Introduction to high-end Head-Fi. Gil Pena aka Big Poppa will be bringing four to six top-end headphone rigs to showcase what is possible with personal hi-fi. More information for Head-Fiers can be found here.
  6. These awesome local musicians will introduce their latest CDs and play along/sing along with their music so that we can all hear live vs recorded:

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