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Membership in the Pacific Northwest Audio Society

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society is centered in the Greater Seattle area and welcomes all audio enthusiasts and lovers of good sound and music, from all over the Northwest. We run regular programs, events and field trips throughout the year and these as part and parcel of the benefits of membership.

Member Benefits

Membership Dues

We have three types of club membership. Annual dues for continuing regular members are $60 (Jan to Dec). New members receive a 50% discount for their first year of dues and full-time students also receive a 50% discount.

We use the funds from dues to pay for things like rent for our meeting space, new gear, food and drinks and a number of other miscellaneous expenses to keep things moving forward. You can pay below with your PayPal account or credit card or send us a check to the address at the bottom.

If you're starting a new membership after January you can pay for the first year and prorate your dues for the next year; same thing for our student and continuing members.

Membership Type

Save the Audio Society a Few Bucks in Payment Fees: You can save the club from being charged a 3% fee by sending your Paypal payment as a "Personal Payment". As long as you have a bank account connected to Paypal no fees will be deducted and we greatly appreciate the few extra bucks. Just follow these steps:
* Sign into your account,
* Click the Send Money tab,
* Select the tab called Personal (instead of Purchase) and send your payment to
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