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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Audio Society

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society has been dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of fine music and electronics since its founding in 1978. We're audiophiles and music lovers with diverse backgrounds and a range of interests in music and audio reproduction. Although the Society is based in the Seattle area we serve the entire Northwest region and draw enthusiasts from as far as Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, for new and exciting audio adventures.

Our membership network includes a number of top audio experts from the Northwest and around the world. Check out our Membership page to learn how you can become a member. For about the price of a latte each month you'll support the Audio Society's ongoing efforts and gain a plethora of benefits for yourself in the process. If you’re in the area, drop in for a meeting and see for yourself what the club is all about.

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 - Coffman Labs G-1A
Our April meeting will feature the Coffman Labs G-1A preamplifier. This preamp promises to provide excellent sound. To brief us on the design features of this piece, we will be graced at our meeting with the preamp’s designer and Portland local Damon Coffman. We will pair this preamp with the Roland 112 amp, being provided by club President Jay Hope. This 150 WPC solid state beauty provides the muscle to match the Coffman finesse.

There will also be some very special surprise entertainment. No, its not more bad jokes by Jerry, that would hardly be a surprise. Don’t miss it.

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